About Us

Bringing Smart Living Ideas to the Australian Market.

Lexco Australia is a 100% Australian owned smart living electronics company based in Melbourne, Victoria. We first began operation in 2018, birthed from the desire to bring the reality of high quality, trusted products to the local Australian market.

Here at Lexco, we believe in the potential technology has to change your life. Our goal is to bring you a smarter home and easier living in a way that suits you best.

We’re proud to work with our experienced team of researchers - passionate about bringing to life innovative and intuitive products that aim to brighten your every day.

At Lexco, we prioritise you - and that means safety and reliability play a big role in everything we do. To ensure that we provide our customers with only the best the market has to offer, we conduct stringent internationally certified 3rd party inspection on each and every product that we ship - so you can rest easy.

Nine stars dustbin manufacturer Partnership

Nine Stars patented sensor rubbish bin is a revolutionary product. Perfect for both commercial and general use, its ability to transform environments by improving hygiene in a stylish and intuitive way, makes life easier and everyday chores more enjoyable.

Nine Stars has dedicated over 20 years of professional research and manufacturing to ensure that every Nine Stars rubbish bin is a visual, mechanical, and electronic integration of high-tech and high-quality materials.

In 2019 Nine Stars partnered with Lexco Australia for the distribution of their range of Sensor bin products to the Australian market.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate


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